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the Truth About Coaches and Their Earnings

Hey Girlfriend Someone on Facebook a few months back asked how people checked out coaches. I replied that one of the things I did was look at Companies House and Duedil for info on the person. I actually listed all the steps I’d take and it was a detailed... view post

5 secrets to being and getting what you want!

Hey Girlfriend, Being what you want is goes hand in hand with getting what you want and I want to talk to you about both here. There’s a bit of romanticism with getting what you want and an equal measure of cynicism. We are in a world where put up with your lot is a... view post

Wanna go with the flow? Read this…

Hey Girlfriend, There’s something really special about your first article on a new site, it is a bit like getting into a bed with crisply ironed cleaned sheets. It just feels so so so good. There’s something about business girlfriends, can you feel it... view post

The Secrets of Success in Marketing to Women

Hey Girlfriend,   Over the past 50 years, women have taking on an increasingly important role as consumers making the purchasing decisions for their households. We can understand them being the main grocery and toiletry buyers, but studies now show that they are... view post

Gen X: You Need To Change The Way You Think About Millenials

Hey Girlfriend,   There is a nasty rumour going on that says millennials are takers, selfish and self-centered. Okay, it’s more than a rumour, there’s plenty of media articles on how Generation Millennial is the Snowflake Generation, live on Advocado... view post