Hey Girlfriend,

Being what you want is goes hand in hand with getting what you want and I want to talk to you about both here.

There’s a bit of romanticism with getting what you want and an equal measure of cynicism. We are in a world where put up with your lot is a loud sentiment and where dreaming and wanting more isn’t always celebrated. It is sometimes, and sometimes people can get accused of all sorts when they focus on the more – being called greedy, lofty, air head, selfish…yup had that and worse.

Now I am not bothered by name calling…much …I am human, c’mon and this isn’t about the air-heady lofty have what you want like a jumbo jet…course you might have a really good reason to want that and it be part of your soul alignment to…but you know what I mean.

And there it is…the biggest greatest secret to having what you want is ALIGNMENT.

Now we have a chicken and egg situation: do you align your soul to what you want or align to your soul and go for what your soul has planned? Most do the first way, but the latter is the fastest way to get what you want and what you had no idea you could even possible ask for.

Then you can get really bogged down the technicality of law of attraction or manifestation, meditation or affirmations, hard work or lean back or is it in – and while I am deeply passionate about energy work and excited and almost to the point of obsession all about showing people how to build a bridge from where they are and where they want to be – financially and spiritually, I love practicality. Practical Alchemy…or every day magic and we can do the deeper in-depth stuff after, I promise. OK?

I want to challenge you to be curious about how you can be what want and get what you want…and with what I am sharing below you can do just that.

5 ways to focus on being what you want to get what you want…easy things for you to implement and in no particular order either.

  1. Work out what having it all means to you and then be IT. Not a list of what you want, fun as that can be, this is more about what does it mean, what does it feel like as somewhere there is an inner tension either illusion or real where you feel you aren’t being the real you and showing up in the world as the real you and therefore you are settling for less than, so not getting what you want. Explore this in your journal – not the ‘gap’ as you don’t want feed that to get bigger. When you have explored the meaning and feeling of being and having what you want and showing up in the world that way, as the wholeness of the real you, start to claim and own the feelings and become it now. You get to act as if…and that is super powerful.
  2. Controversially, I am adding this: Say YES to yourself. The world is fixated on learning how to say NO to others, and while that has a place, it has overshadowed the NO to self. If you are continually a NO to yourself you are standing in denial of all you could be and all you could achieve, create, experience etc. Though perhaps let’s say it as it is, if you don’t let yourself have what you want and are addicted to the no for whatever reason, then you need to change that…sharpish.
  3. Stop people pleasing! This comes dressed in so many ways. From giving away your time and gifts free, to putting others first, to seeking approval and wanting to get others to love you and appreciate you as you don’t offer the same to yourself. And the fear with this one is if you don’t people please will you become mean and harsh! No, that isn’t true as people pleasing is an imbalance based on the fact that you don’t think or feel you are worth it…this is a biggie and could be a whole post in itself…!
  4. Seek out women who inspire you and work with them. Get a mentor, get a sponsor, get a coach. Work with women you admire, read their books, blogs, go to their events and pay them to support you. Women who get what they want understand the value of support, inner work and having someone to keep them moving forward.
  5. Start affirming you can get what you want. Affirmations are magic wands. They change thinking. (unconscious and conscious thoughts) as if you’re thinking goes against the desire to be all that you could be and the desire to have more and be more…well then you need to get affirmation and change the pattern and habits of your thoughts!

What end else would you add to this list? What are your thoughts and fears about being it and having it all?


Sarupa Shah