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Why you need Business Girlfriends

You’re different from your friends. They have careers, jobs and family. You have something else. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re all working towards freedom from the mortgage and raising great kids, but there’s something missing. Your girlfriends are supportive but they just don’t understand what you’re going through with your business.

This is where Business Girlfriends come in. We’re like your real life girlfriends, only our focus is business.  Your business. We know you’re busy, so we don’t waste your time. Read & share the business advice. Book a free consult. Subscribe to the emails. Business Girlfriends is the digital magazine for female entrepreneurs ready to live their best life. 


The Difference

For Women By Women

Business Girlfriends is the only magazine where contributors set the pace. Traditional magazines rely on advertising and product placement in order to make a profit. This means what you read will never conflict with an advertisers agenda. Business Girlfriends has zero advertising and is funded by it’s contributors. This means there’s content that you won’t read anywhere else. We never shy away from the tough business conversations, or topics that are niche. There’s no man in a suit, behind the scenes, deciding on what women should or shouldn’t read.

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