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Hey Girlfriend,

There’s something really special about your first article on a new site, it is a bit like getting into a bed with crisply ironed cleaned sheets. It just feels so so so good. There’s something about business girlfriends, can you feel it – it’s got that box fresh vibe…!

This is my inaugural Business Girlfriends post…and one that is going straight in deep…and we are talking all about go with the flow…!  Now as we are friends, I have to share this with you, that how go with the flow used it isn’t serving you to be all that could be!

I am going to tell you why!

It has become an excuse. A spiritual excuse and cop out and an excuse for rudeness, disrespect and an invitation to be me me me me. Ouch I know, but before you say hang on a moment, Sarupa, you don’t know flow…my flow, let me ask you, what does it mean? I mean really mean to go with the flow?

If the flow you follow makes you flaky, unreliable, stops you earning, stops you living a thriving life with a purpose based business and one where you are working with the most amazing dream clients and generally stops you living your dream? You know the one you had until this flow said its okay you can use me as an excuse …?

Why would you allow yourself to be led even controlled by something that seems to take you deeper and deeper away from adventure, delight and success?

We all have a choice as no flow controls us…

If you choose to not do something, if you choose to drop the ball, watch television instead of working on your business, your book, the housework, whatever it is, then start taking responsibility that you made that choice.

The reason going with the flow doesn’t work for 99% of people who talk of flow…

Most people don’t know what the flow is. One whiff of fear, resistance, doubt, heck even a broken rose petal can be held as a message of stop the track as the imaginary flow has spoken. Except that isn’t flow, none of that is real flow! Real flow is when you follow your soul, and if that word does a little whaaaaaaa to you, it is following your inner wise you that doesn’t let the first sign of resistance change the real flow of your journey to greatness and give you a get out of the lane card!

Fess up time….

I have used the wasn’t in flow excuse in my past, and it was intelligently presented and made as plausible and protected by stories and evidence and you know who was unhappy? Me! That’s why I am sharing this with you, I have been there, fallen into an illusion and trapped myself with validation and felt safe as en masse people were (and still are) all about an imaginary flow, instead of the all knowing, wisest soul flow that has the capacity to move you beyond any limitations and navigate you on a path where you can and do!

I wouldn’t be much of a friend if I let you believe your flow was a force to stop you on your tracks now, would I?


Sarupa Shah xxx



Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah is an award winning intuitive and highly acclaimed spiritual mentor & business coach and the creator of The Abundance Oracle. Sarupa works with women entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life and the world. Her passion and power is to show women how to heal their relationship with money (AKA themselves) – having helped thousands of women change their financial story as well as helping women discover their Soul Purpose and get on with living the dream and doing what they are here to do in the world and for the planet. Sarupa empowers women to maximize their contribution in the world without compromising their Soul and gives them the tools to claim their best life! A regular in online and off line media and one of the UK’s most well sought after spiritual business & thought leaders and teachers her features cover money, wealth consciousness and spirituality in general. (yup she combines the two worlds!)